Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting my Kicks

Once upon a time there was a little red haired girl that would beg her newly wedded husband to run with her. Sometimes he would relent and tie on his running shoes only to leave her gasping in his dust. Time went by and she gave up the marital quest of running together. She searched high and low for a running comrade that was close to her pace, but none were to be found... until now.
That's right! After living in this town for almost 10 years, today I finally found a running partner. I haven't ran in FOREVER, but I'm so excited about starting up again. I would love to get these last few preggo pounds off, and I really think running is the way to go for me. E & I have children the same age, and seem to have a lot in common so I really think this will work. We are going to start slow and meet maybe once a week. Hopefully we will take off from there. So I'm going to dust off the 'ol kicks and charge up my iPod and hit the pavement. Whoot~I am so excited.
I hope I don't get all crazy and start contemplating 10Ks or half marathons. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cloth Diapers For Sale


Well, as excited as I am/was about cloth diapering, it just didn't work for our household. I went back to work in November 2009, and the laundry was just too much. We have a front loader and I just didn't have enough time in my day to devote to laundry. That and my husband was highly intimidated by washing them so we just gradually stopped using them. In the mean time the diapers have just been sitting on Ty's dresser. It's time to clean house.
We do have a min pin in our home, but she never wears the diapers.
The diapers were only used 3-4 months.
They are in VG-EUC.
Most were bought new by me. Aplix looks good-normal wear for time used.
Some of the MF inserts for the 3.0s have more wear than others.
Washed in Vaska or Tide. Line and dryer dried.

I've already sold some on one of the forums I often visit. This is what I have left.
If you are interested send me an email at
If you don't think the prices are fair, make me an offer.

Bum Genius Organics with aplix $11 per diaper
2 Moonbeam
3 Twilight
3 Clementine

Happy Heiney OS aplix Both inserts included EUC $10/dipe
1 peace bears--PENDING
1 silly monkey--PENDING

BlueBerry OS BB insert included EUC-VGUC $11/dipe
one of these bought used, can't remember which. Some only washed not used.
1 Orange
2 White
1 yellow/orange snaps
1 yellow/grn snaps
1 green/blue snaps

BlueBerry Medium Minky Medium BB insert included
Bought off of FSOT VGUC no stains, a little pilly, no rips. $8/dipe
1 purple tye dye
1 Blue Camo
1 Black
1 Green Camo
1 green tye dye

GAD Small Small Loopy Do Insert included
Bought FSOT VGUC $5/dipe
1 Blue/red inner
1 White
1 Red
1 Black

Thirsties Small AIO EUC $6/dipe
1 Blue
1 Lt Blue

Thirsties Small Cover EUC $5
1 Lt Blue

here is a link to the pics:
there are some diapers on there that have already been sold.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bubba Cain's Deuces are Wild

The best friend a person could ever ask for.
They add so much to life. One could say that they are almost like having children.
You can teach them to sit, roll over, speak, but nothing compares to the utter joy they exhibit when they see you. It doesn't matter if you were gone five days or five minutes, they are ecstatic to see you.

Today has been a difficult day for me. I had to say goodbye to my sweet sugar Cain.
We had twelve and a half fabulous years together. I just hope I gave him as much as he gave me.
He helped me through some pretty rough times. We had some good ones too.
I'll always consider him my first born. I'll always remember bringing him home for the first time. Being so relieved to hear him bark at his reflection in the mirror because he had not uttered a sound for a few days.
I'll remember the "show" he would put on for the kennel and the UPS man. (he and Holli will always be known as "the Lovers")
I'll remember how warm his little body was when I crawled into bed at night and how he nestled into the crook of my leg until morning. I'll never forget how curious he was when we brought Silas home from the hospital and how he stood guard by the crib.
No, he wasn't just a dog-he was my baby. He was my companion. He was a member of the family.

I miss you sweet Cainy. Thanks for being mine.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everybody Loves Steven

We for those of you that aren't on facebook or just don't know, my parents moved here from Arkansas the week before Christmas. That made for great a holiday.

Christmas morning they walked across the road in time to see Silas open his presents from Santa. Here are a few of the pictures that I took that morning.

Also yesterday I posted some pictures of Silas and I in the snow on my blog. You can check that out but clicking on the below link.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Well, today is Halloween. I can not believe that November starts tomorrow.
I started back to work this week and recieved two flu shots. Coincidence or not, I am now stuffy and not feeling so hot. Because of this we aren't participating in any of the festivities tonight.
However, last Sunday night was the last night for Boo at the Zoo so we dressed the kids up and headed that direction. It was crazy! I think every kid in Knox County was there. Anyway, Silas got to trick or treat at the provided stations.
I had every intention of dressing Ty up as a football, but we decided that his hand-me-down lion costume would be much warmer.

Here are my little men. The Vol and the Lion.

Silas also got to wear his costume at daycare yesterday and they trick or treated at the bank. I think he had a blast just seeing what all his friends wore--especially Ellie!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I have been wanting to go to the pumpkin patch ever since I saw April's Blog.
B finally had an evening free so we made the drive out to Corryton. It actually wasn't that far from our old house.
We had such a good time. It didn't open until 6:00 during the week so we missed out on the pedal cars, face painting, and inflatable jump things, but we still had an awesome time.

Steven tried to teach Silas how to make a corn angel.

Sie climed the tires to the flagpole. There was also a little maze for kids and a mini corn maze for kids.

There was a sand pit that he loved.

His favorite thing by far was this slide. I think Steven enjoyed it too.

I was the hippy Mom there. I wore Ty in the Ergo. He started getting fussy so I had Steven get my cover and I nursed him in the ergo. I was getting strange looks so I took him to the tent and sat to finish his dinner. Of course I sat in the only chair with rainwater. Steven entertained Silas and brought Ty a fresh diaper from the car. By the time we finished all of this and drug Silas kicking and screaming from the slide it was dark. We still had to go to the pumpkin patch. We got in line for the hayride that took us to the patch. We managed to pick out two pretty good pumpkins in complete darkness.
Silas cracked me up picking it up and carrying it.

I had to include a pic of Ty. He just hung out in the Ergo while his brother attempted to stab all remaining pumpkins with his glow stick. Fun times, Friends, fun times!

After the tractor returned us from the hayride, Silas wanted to slide again. It really surprised me because it was pitch black dark and the slide was pretty steep. We let him have a few more gos at it and then piled into the SUV for the ride back home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Through His Eyes the Aquarium

This is a series I've wanted to start for some time now. Silas LOVES taking snaps. I know, I know just like his daddy. It always cracks me up to see what he ends up with on the camera. It really is a different world from three feet.
We made a trip to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. We try to go every year. It's fun to watch his interest grow.
Well, Ty had to take a lunch break so we gave Silas my camera to keep him from climbing the walls!

Fish. Lots and lots of fish.

Pretty Coral

Mr. Ray and his family

Some random lady--Sorry!

Daddy and Brother

Here are a few that B took.

This was at the entrance.

And the boy behind it all...