Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting my Kicks

Once upon a time there was a little red haired girl that would beg her newly wedded husband to run with her. Sometimes he would relent and tie on his running shoes only to leave her gasping in his dust. Time went by and she gave up the marital quest of running together. She searched high and low for a running comrade that was close to her pace, but none were to be found... until now.
That's right! After living in this town for almost 10 years, today I finally found a running partner. I haven't ran in FOREVER, but I'm so excited about starting up again. I would love to get these last few preggo pounds off, and I really think running is the way to go for me. E & I have children the same age, and seem to have a lot in common so I really think this will work. We are going to start slow and meet maybe once a week. Hopefully we will take off from there. So I'm going to dust off the 'ol kicks and charge up my iPod and hit the pavement. Whoot~I am so excited.
I hope I don't get all crazy and start contemplating 10Ks or half marathons. :)


The Thomas family said...

I have always wanted the same husband as my running partner. It never really happened either. The closest I came was last summer when he did the C25K program with me. However, when summer ended and school began we no longer had schedules that would allow us the time to do it together without the kiddos present. I hope your new running partner works out.

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